Funds for Bobby and Ryan's needs

Bobby and Ryan were born 2 months premature in 2004 (bobby) and 2009 (Ryan). Due to complications at birth and immediately after and their prematurity they suffered brain damage called bilateral periventricular leukomalacia. This is when blood supply is cut off and causes white matter damage. The periventricular area deals with processing of signals and has cause spastic quadraplegic cerebral palsy. Bobby is also on the blind register due to cortical blindness, meaning that the signals from his eyes don't get to the right part of the brain to process the information so his vision isn't functional. 

Bobby can crawl in a cross between commando style and a kind of bunny hip pulling both legs with him at the same time with little Independent movement from his legs, he can sit in 'w' sitting where he sits between his ankles while in a kneeling position. He has started to help assist with his transfers in and out of his wheelchair, and on and off a bench, he can weight bare and talk a few supported steps with help positioning his feet but due to having low tone in his trunk and poor head control he is unlikely to progess further than assisting in transfers and maybe take steps with the help of a k walker but this is a long way off yet

Ryan is incredibly tight in his legs and it restricts his movement and ability to progress further with physio. He can't sit or stand but crawls using his arm to pull himself along on his tummy he has very little movement in his legs and when he is doing activities they tighten up even more. His legs pull inwards and tend to cross at the knees making it difficult to change him and causes pain when we try to separate his legs to change and put trousers on etc. 

We are in the process of getting Ryan a motorised wheelchair which will enable him to be able to go 'off road' but due to Bobby's visual impairment he is unable to have a motorised chair so we need an all terrain  wheelchair to be able to join in with family activities. The boys have 6 brothers and sisters and for a while have been unable to join in most of our activities like taking the dog for a walk and going for country walks. Previously we used to take the bikes and bobby and Ryan would go in a bike trailer but they have outgrown it so for the last 18 months we haven't been able to do much of our usual activities. 

Ryan needs surgery to help the spasticity in his legs, this is called selective dorsal rhyzotomy (sdr for short) this is no longer available on the nhs as of February. The surgery is on part of his spine and cuts some of the nerves so will stop the signals causing his muscles to be so tight and stop them from spasming so much so will make life in general much easier and cause less pain and restrictions for him. His physio believes that once his muscles loosen a little he will be in a similar position to where bobby is now and will enable him to work on progressing further as he has good trunk control and head control so has a good chance of working towards walking with a k walker or other aids. The surgery requires 12 months of intensive physio which may not be provided by the nhs either so this is in life's in our target amount. 

For both boys the funds will give them treatment or equipment which with be life changing for them and improve their quality of life. Both boys have the ability to melt everybody's heart that they meet and they just need a chance to be able to develop to their full potential and be able to join in with family activities once again

Should we exceed the target amount (or if we do not raise enough funds, or they cannot be used for any other reason) the funds raised will go to the general funds of Tree of Hope to assist other sick children

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