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We want to share your stories and experiences on our website and social media. Your stories are often inspirational, and writing blogs of your own can help spread your story and boost awareness of your campaign subsequently, boosting support.

Blogs are a really good way of getting out there and telling your story. Whether you’re a superstar fundraiser and want to share your journey or a family wanting to share your experiences with a seriously ill or disabled children, a blog could really help raise awareness, spread your message and get you connected with others around you.

Firstly you will need to choose where to start your blog. There are a lot of free tools you can use, like WordPress which is probably the most simple and well known platform to use.  (If you want to, you can even upgrade to more advanced options).

  • Sign up-
  • Choose your template. You can jazz it up by choosing one of the 1000’s of them or alternatively stick with the default
  • Start Posting.

Choose a title-

You will need a name for your blog and the catchier the better. We love ‘theunmumysmum’. It says exactly what the blog is about.

Make a plan-

What is your blog going to be about? Perhaps it’s a diary entry about your experiences with raising a disabled child, ot about your child’s specific condition and the things you have learned that have helped along the way or is it about your fundraising journey? Of course you can mention all of these things but it is good to have a focus.

Regular Content-

It’s a good idea to keep your content regular so your viewers and subscribers know when to expect it and are regularly reminded that you are there.  It can be hard to find time and with a child with additional needs it can be even harder so, just write when you can. It could be once a month or it could be once a week, whatever suits you and your schedule but don’t push yourself to start with posting too often. You want to make sure you can keep it up

Whenever you get the inspiration just jot it down and If you have a back log of blogs sitting there then it’s even easier to post regularly without worrying about time to write.

Add Images and video Content-

Images and videos really connect with viewers, especially in this day and age when people prefer visual over words. So whenever you can, make sure you include them in your blog.

Blog Top Tips-

  • Most people read on mobile or tablet devices these days and reading on screens like that is not as enjoyable as reading on paper so, try to keeps posts fairly short. 1000 words is good goal for a longer piece and 300 words are great for a shorter entry
  • Online readers tend to skim. Highlight those important words or phrases so viewers know when they should be paying full attention.
  • Blogs are conversational. People seem to connect more with a unique tone of voice as it’s a little more personal and it means they could really see your own personality.


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