We're #DoingItForBen

After a successful SDR operation and years of private physiotherapy, Ben is walking, running, jumping and living his best life, thanks to everyone who has helped us on our journey and contributed to Ben’s collection.

Ben attends mainstream school and is academically succeeding.  He can write, play football, netball, runaround  in the playground with his mates, collects and cut up his own food in the lunch hall and even occasionally climbs the trim trail .  

Ben independently swims, and swims twice a week, even managing to use both arms to front crawl. Swimming strengthens his arm and leg muscles, especially on his weaker left side. 

He can walk to trot on a horse, sits up right, without falling off. Which is a great achievement and is really important for his core development and strength.  He rides with the RDA once a week and really enjoys it, even though he’s totally exhausted by the end of the lesson. The RDA volunteers and stable owners are amazing people ,  and definitely a worthy charity to donate to.  Their generosity, hard work  and kindness makes the horse lessons/experience unforgettable, enjoyable, fun and affordable for all budgets. 

All the things Ben can do now, would not have been possible without the early intervention and continuous physiotherapy sessions he attends

Unfortunately, we are now very low on funds,  as the essential private physiotherapy comes at a cost, ranging from £75-£105 per hour and Ben needs your help to keep him mobile. 

During his physiotherapy sessions he has one to one with a physiotherapist who specialises in cerebral palsy in children, he uses specialist equipment designed for children of his age and condition. It includes the use of the most up-to-date and effective machinery, the Innowalk, treadmills, vibration plates, the machinery our local NHS hospitals and families just cannot afford. The Innowalk machine, which Ben has used only a handful of times, but shown a huge improvement in his walk, gait and posture immediately after, is particularly expensive at £25,000 per machine. Even  the treadmills Ben has the opportunity to use weekly , would cost you several thousands pounds each.

The East Herts NHS, offers little physiotherapy for candidates like Ben and will not intervene until Ben’s mobility worsens, becomes wheelchair bound  or requires further surgery, operations to his body. We will obviously do everything in our power to prevent this from happening, as we do not want to inflict unnecessary pain or suffering on our son. We just want Ben to continue living the happy life he is, walking, running, jumping and most importantly for Ben, independently living life.

We are a family of 5 and both work hard, but the cost of normal living expenses, childcare, mortgages, council tax, heating, food etc, as well as financing Ben’s mobility equipment, endless tracksuit bottoms, swimming,  horse riding and fuel costs getting to these places, Muswell HIll London, Furneux  Pelham, Bishops Stortford, we have no means of paying for Ben’s essential physiotherapy and heavily relied on the funds donated by friends and families into the Tree of Hope Account. We need your help.

So we’re asking if you could help us, help Ben stay mobile and make a contribution.

When Ben walks, he gives hope and inspiration to other children and families with similar conditions.  We are going to do everything we can to keep Ben mobile.. 

We're #DoingItForBen

Please help us to help our little boy continue walking

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