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Author helps Georgia

I am the author of The Owners, Volume I: Alone and The Owners, Volume II, Storm Clouds, both of which are available as paperbacks and ebooks from WHSmith, Waterstones, Amazon and a variety of other places.

But whilst I am an author and a businesswoman, first and foremost I am a mother and it is as the collective embodiment of all these things, that I am contacting you today.

There is a little girl in my hometown of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire with an exceedingly debilitaing form of Cerebral Palsy. Now aged two, this little girl cannot crawl, sit up or even hold her head up nor will she ever be able to, without the help of pioneering treatment available only in America. Coincidentally she shares her name with a character from one of my books, pure serendipidy, but one which I hope shows this child has a brighter future than the one nature perhaps intended. She is called Georgia.

Georgia’s story touched my heart, especially since I have three healthy children of my own. There’s always the thought ‘what if’, isn’t there and I know I have been lucky and that not everyone is.

On Saturday 1st March at WHSmith in Bromsgrove I will offer signed copies for sale of my books and donate all of the profits to Tree of Hope for the Georgia appeal and also to Heart Research UK, in equal amounts.

Carmen Capuano

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