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The Cook Book – Sevenoaks, Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells

Fast as a Greyhound!

The Cook Book – Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells has surpassed all expectations of sales, selling over 1000 copies so far and raising an incredible £12,000 for Tree of Hope and the families we support!

The Small Holding were first to get every book whizzing out the door closely followed by The Greyhound at Charcot, and Whole Food Wake Up!

We caught up with Fran at The Greyhound who told us all about how they made sure to spread the work about the book and why customers are loving it.

“Firstly how and why we had come to be in the book, explaining the approach from Tree of Hope, what they are as a charity and what they are doing within the local community and linking this with why it suited us to join in as there is a big platform therefore within our local community to reach out to through the book.

Secondly we explained that it gave us a great opportunity to introduce ourselves, who we are and what we are about in terms of “our story” of our pub, the farm and what we are trying to achieve here within our business.

Thirdly we focused on the recipes within the book and explained to our customers what a great range there is to choose from, and drew attention to the fact that many of the contributors vary in what they offer so it is not just a typical “chef written” cook book, there are all sorts of recipes in there from snacks to drinks to main meals, so really something for everyone and no need to be a skilled cook to have a go!

Lastly we met several couples that were already doing their own cook book trails and using the book as a guide to getting out and enjoying new places in the local area that they had not previously discovered, we thought this was a great idea and repeated it to lots of our customers who then bought the book too.  Having the bar copy propped open on our pages on a nice book stand right on the bar as people came in was a great way to ensure no one missed seeing it.  We also made sure we had our burger recipe on our menu throughout the book sales period so they could see it and then many ordered it to try it out!”


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