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Arthur’s 5k toddle

I’m Arthur. I’m 22 months old and I’m going to walk 5km. Or, more accurately, force my mum and dad to carry a wriggling mass of tantrums, dribble and probably poo round a park for several hours. And it will take hours as when I do walk, I average 1km every hour.

On 6th April, my Daddy, Mummy and I will be taking part in a 5km walk and toddle to help raise money for Tree of Hope to support my friend, Jackson. Jackson is about my age but, because of an undiagnosed genetic condition, he isn’t yet able to walk or talk.

We’re raising money to buy some special equipment and therapies so he can have a better chance to do these things independently.

Please help if you can – any donation, big or small, will make a real difference to Jackson and his family.

But please give a lot as my dad is expecting that my demands, professional tantrums and my constant need to walk in the opposite direction means that this is likely to be much more difficult than running a marathon.

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