Assistance needed with flat head syndrome helmet costs.

Amelia is just over 9 months old. She has flat head syndrome, we have gone ahead and brought a helmet that reshapes her whole head into a more rounder shape & to keep her ears inline.

Theses costs are not fully paid yet. With only a deposit purchase. We are looking to get help with the remaining 1,600 left to clear the balance for the helmet.

We are having treatment done by the clinic in Harley street called Ahead4babies which is a wonderful place helping loads babies with there shape of the heads. 

Amelia is such a lovely beautiful baby. With loads of personality already! She loves to watch cocomelon, which is a YouTube channel with kids videos. She’s is just got the hang on running up and down the hallway in her walker so fast and loving that!😂. We are a small family with only me, my partner and baby Amelia. I currently work but as a temp worker and unable to fund this myself. Therefore seeking help.

Thank you for supporting channels on this platform because it makes life’s change.

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