Amazing Milo and his Incredible Battle With Hydrocephalus

My name is Milo and I am 3 years old from Chandlers Ford in Hampshire. When I was 5 weeks old I was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus (this means water-brain) so I had to have something called a shunt in my brain to help drain the fluid away.

I have got the best twin brother, Woody and my big sister Jemima looks after me too. I live with them, Mummy and Daddy, 2 dogs and our 3 chickens.

Over the last 3 years, I seem to have spent a lot of my time in hospital - I have just had my 14th Shunt put in my brain and have been really poorly this time.

I had to spend more time in intensive care on a ventilator and unfortunately my body is taking a long time to recover. I had swelling in my brain. 4 lots of neurosurgery in 6 days is quite a lot!.

I am working so hard at my physiotherapy, but I really just need to have extra support when I do get home. Mummy and Daddy want to make sure I have the most normal life alongside Jemima and Woody, ensure we have some fun times together (I always seem to be poorly during fun times!) and have someone to look after me when I am feeling poorly. I don't like the school run times when my head is hurting!

I really will benefit from regular swimming and physiotherapy and I desperately need an electrical bed that is age appropriate, especially as I have a twin brother! My attendance at playgroup and nursery is poor due to my ill-health so I am going to need some specialised home care too.

 I will always be as amazing as I can be. I just need some extra support after being so poorly.

I am sooooo grateful to anyone who can donate to Tree of Hope. Spread the word about me #amazingmilo #teammilo

Love from Amazing Milo xxx

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