Alfie's aspiration for a better life

An amazing 5 year old boy

Alfie is an amazing 5 year old boy. Born 12 weeks early he has since brought joy and happiness to everyone he has met. Alfie has cerebral palsy which mainly affects his legs.

Alfie was a candidate for a potentially life changing operation called SDR which could significantly reduce the risk of him being wheelchair bound as an adult. Sadly it was not funded on the NHS in this country so we were trying to raise in excess of £35,000 for Tree of Hope to support him.

Thanks to everybody's amazing efforts so far we were able to pay £2,500 for the assessment and Alfie has been able to have Botox injections in his legs which help to relax his muscles and reduce some of the pain he experiences.

We have been INCREDIBLY lucky, thanks to everybody's help and being able to pay for Alfies assessment we were top of the waiting list for SDR and Alfie had his operation as part of a NHS pilot scheme on 2nd January 2015!!!!

Sadly the funding for aftercare is limited and the most important part of this process is the intensive physiotherapy to strengthen all of those muscles that have never had to work before. We have a long list of equipment and activities recommended by the hospital that the NHS are not able to provide for Alfie so we continue to fundraise for so one day all of his dreams can come true and he will no longer be left behind by his friends.

I have been totally blown away by how much Alfie has to work on a daily basis. Stretches, standing frame and exercises EVERY day! He has inspired me to train for not one, but two 5k's (!!!!) to help raise money for his specialist after care. To some people this may not sound like a lot but 8 weeks ago I struggled to run for 60 seconds!! I've wanted to give up several times but seeing Alfie's determination gives me all the motivation I need to carry on.

If we exceed the target amount (or if we do not raise enough funds, or if they cannot be used for any other reason), the funds raised will go to Tree of Hope to assist other sick children.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts xxx

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