Alex Gredys

Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

My name is Alex and I'm 3 years old now :) I'm very happy and smiling boy. I'm suffering since birth for incurable genetic disease call Leukodystrophy - H-ABC disease. I can't sit, talk ,walk, hold my head still, can't eat on my own, because my hands are to weak I can't play either. I can't talk but I have learned to communicate with everyone with my wonderful smile. I'm really clever boy :) Now my parents are trying raise money for modern equipment for me , it's call BUFFIN AUTOMATIC 3IN1. This will make my life a little bit easy will help me spend day with my family in safe and correct position for my spine, pelvis and hips. It will give me a chance to sot with them and eat dinner together. I hope it will give me more time with my family and I belive that if my spine and muscles will be in correct position I will be live much longer and will help me with day to task.

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