Aishikee Barman Roy

Hello, I am Aishikee Barman Roy, born on 01 August 2009. I am a happy and bright 2 year old girl. I have been diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy with considerable movement and speech impairment. Doctors and therapists say I am a happy and bright child with good cognitive skills and good appreciation of surroundings. I am very expressive, friendly, social, and interested in all fun activities, singing and plays. I participate in all activities to the best of my ability. Though, the Primary Care Trust is supporting me to the best possible extent, I am having to seek help from various other renowned therapy centres with proven record to get access to various successful and effective therapies which focuses on different areas of a child’s development. I will be significantly benefitted through these therapies which will work towards maximising my potential. I have been progressing well over last year or so and have now got improved head control, ability to reach out for toys and ability to prop on hands. All therapists feel encouraged at my potential and praise me for my accommodative spirit and ability to cope with the therapies. I want to absorb more and wish to live an independent and self-sufficient life.


I need support from you to afford the therapies- they are my life line. I will not disappoint you if you lend me your helping hand- that’s a promise. I will one day grow up to a full, self-sufficient and promising adult and grace the society and earth through good work. I will make all of you proud. I will not forget you, but remember you and be grateful to you forever for being so kind, generous and supportive. Please would you help me?


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