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Thank you for visiting Alfie's just giving page.On the 1st March 2012 our life's changed forever little did we know the most happiest determined little boy was going to make us the proud parents ever. At 2 days old Alfie was confirmed as having a Congenital Heart Defect after being admitted to hospital with Jaundice he was found to have a heart murmur for any parent this is one of your worst nightmares to be told your child's heart is in actual fact broken, this in fact broke our hearts. As Alfie grew we started to notice he wasn't reaching his milestones..rolling,talking,eating, crawling all the first things you can't wait for your child to do..What was we doing wrong was he just being a typical boy a little bit lazy we thought, he will do it in his own time we thought? Then one day the health visitor told us she thought Alfie was developmentally delayed. What did this mean? He hasn't got anything wrong with him he's Alfie right?Unfortunately that wasn't the case after more countless appointments and test with paediatricians, specialists at aged 2 Alfie finally received a diagnosis,Cerebral Palsy combined with Global Developmental Delay, this along with his convergent squint, tongue tie and heart defect was too much for one little boy to take and now to be told he will be undergoing open heart surgery in the next couple of months to help close one of Alfie's holes in his heart. This huge news has made us even more determined and you  would think this is enough for one little boy to take but not our Alfie. He takes each day as it comes with a huge smile on facefrom physiotherapy to occupational therapy to speech and language therapy to cardiologists we have battled through Alfie's disability as a family and have done the upmost to ensure Alfie gets the very best help along with the determination our gorgeous 3 year old little boy has now started crawling and sitting up and even feeding himself with little help and getting into allsorts of mischief which we love!! yes this was all delayed but for us it didn't matter because he got there with his determination and our everyday fight.Every day is an up hill battle not only for us but for Alfie but one thing is for sure he is the happiest little boy you will ever meet. Unfortunately Alfie's quality of life both now and in the future is being determined by the NHS due to the lack of funding the appropriate equipment is unavailable for Alfie on the NHS along with the amount of physiotherapy he receives is being cut due to funding..surely there shouldn't be a price on your child's quality of life?? Surely this shouldn't be determined by the NHS? Which is why we are taking Action For Alfie. Through donations and funding we can hp raise much needed funds to help Alfie achieve all the things that are achievable with the right amount of help..a specialist bed to help protect him and keep him secure and out of harm, a specialist potty to enable him to sit on and actually potty train like any other child,a specialist swing so he can enjoy his garden like any other child, a most importantly a gator walker to enable Alfie to enjoy the small things such as walking a few steps around the garden and seeing the world from a different view. The list is endless we aren't asking for the world we don't expect sympathy all we are asking for us your support in helping us raise funds for Action for Alfie, family fun days, pamper nights, coach trips, concert evenings, football matches you name it were doing it so please help support us in taking Action for Alfie and keep that smile beaming on his little face. Thank you x

Should we exceed the target amount (or if we do not raise enough funds, or if they cannot be used for any other reason) the funds raised will go to the general funds of Tree ofHope to assist other sick children.

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