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Hey guys, how do you find Tree of Hope?

billySavien Douglas Thank you so much, we couldn’t have done this without your continued support.
You didn’t just help us to fundraise, but continue to play a huge role in our lives




Alen Erol Derin Server Father of Alen Erol ‘ Without your support, your advice and funding we wouldn’t have been able to arrange the care needed for our son – we are deeply thankful. You guys are doing an amazing job’




Jan Burgess Very helpful

Laura Grainger Think they are great!

Catherine ‘Protheroe’ Evans They are fab

Natalie Koritsas Agree xx

Sarah Lawrance me, Lifesavers! They are awesome xx

Hari Kieft Agree, amazing going out their way to help.x

Mandy Fuller Agree with you all. They have helped us and are awesome xx

Helen Windram Yes, they are fabulous, highly recommended

Hannah Trimby They have been so helpful and genuine

Jo Harries They are a great help, they are superb x

Kelly Cummings Yes, they are the most helpful people I have ever come across x

Atif Ajaib Yes, I agree with all of you! Tree of Hope, we love you! You are great xx

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