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Tom’s Improvement

Tom has low muscle tone and poor balance and co-ordination. He is unable to screen out unnecessary sensory input making him distracted, forgetful, unable to follow simple instructions and slow to react and respond. Every aspect of school life is difficult for him.

Thanks to The Tree of Hope Childrens Charity we have just completed our fourth trip to the Advance Institute to learn the next set of massage positions and Tom has been for an assessment to see how he’s progressing. Since we started a year ago Tom’s body has changed considerably – his ribcage and back have become more developed as his diaphragm and lungs have strengthened. This is wholly due to Linda’s massage therapy – the 4 years of physiotherapy that he did before never achieved this.

The most recent breakthrough is that I can now – it seemed to happen overnight – cut his toenails without screams and tears. It seems a small thing, but it means he is no longer experiencing that acute sensitivity. The breakthrough with swimming that he achieved in the summer continues and he now goes to a swimming class and does really well – comfortably swimming a width under water. In swimming he has finally found something that he can do as well as other children – that’s such a vital boost to his self-esteem.

Thank you so much for financing this therapy, we are so grateful.

Robin his mother

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