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25 Years of Tree of Hope

25th Year Anniversary

Tree of Hope Children’s Charity was founded in 1992 by Corinne Gardner and was born out of a desire to help children to raise funds for treatments and services not easily available from UK health services and this October we celebrate our 25th Anniversary.

Corinne remains passionate about helping families fundraise for their children which will ultimately give them a better quality of life and is emphatic that the charity would be open to all that need assistance. She is Life President of Tree of Hope and remains living in Bexhill-on-Sea where the charity was initially founded.

As Tree of Hope evolved over the years we it came to realisation there were a lot more children out there who needed treatment and the demand for support was growing for services not ordinarily available through UK health provision. With every family and child having individual needs for treatment, therapy, and eqipment, Tree of Hope became the platform for families to fundraise for their specific goals.

In actual fact, Tree of Hope was crowdfunding before the concept was invented by the mainstream and we remain unique as the only children’s crowdfunding charity in the UK. Our families, with our help, have long used their friends, family, colleagues and communities to gather support for their campaigns, harnessing social media and spreading the word about their child’s needs drawing attention near and far.

For a lot of people it is a source of surprise that appropriate equipment that would make a real difference to the life of a child and their family is not easily available or that an operation that could be life-changing is no longer funded. And imagine the devastation felt by a family when they realise that they will need to fundraise to get what their child needs- this can seem a mountain to climb when caring for a seriously ill or disabled child and that’s what Tree of Hope are here to do- ease that burden and support families just as we have done for the last twenty-five years.

Today we support over 800 families with their fundraising campaigns every year, helping children get the medical help they need for a better quality of life. Over 200 new families a year come to us for support. As the demand has increased for our support and services, so has our team, although to date there are still only nine of us managing the national reach of the charity, supporting campaigns with fundraising, PR, technical support, a listening ear and managing all the campaign funds safely and appropriately.

If you are considering fundraising for Tree of Hope, please consider those who will need our services in the future, those who will be faced with the surprise they would need to self-fund for the vital equipment or operation needed for their child. Supporting Tree of Hope generally will allow us to continue with our vital support for families, ensuring we will continue to be there on the end of the phone, helping families with their choices and giving fundraising and marketing advice.

This can be as simple as becoming a regular donor, establishing a corporate partnership, taking part in our lottery, organising a fundraising event for us or leaving us a gift in your will. You can find out more here.

Working together we can ensure Tree of Hope continues into the future and is around for as long as it is needed.


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