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100mph Zip Wire Challenge

I’m doing a 100mph Zip Wire Challenge for Tree of Hope because they can help Grace Fuller walk again.

I see Gracie-May nearly every day as she goes to school with my daughter. She is clearly adored by her friends and loves joining in with whatever they do, including the latest school production – The Lion King.

Gracie-May is 6 years old and suffers with cerebral palsy she is one of a twin and was born at 28 weeks gestation. When Grace was 3 years old her parents were told that she would never walk, crawl or do anything for herself, but after hearing this devastating news they were determined to find something that would change this prognosis.

Gracie-May is now in the second stage of her treatment and we need to raise a further £15,000 for her to go back to St Louis for a check up and also to have a further smaller operation which will hopefully allow her to make the final step towards being fully independent and walk with sticks and be much more able.

So, in light of other recent news too, I want to do my bit to raise what we can for Tree of Hope to get her what she needs. I would be so grateful if you could help but sponsoring me with even just a small donation…it all counts.

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