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1 year since SDR

1 Year since SDR

On the 15th of May 2015 it was a year to the day since Noah underwent SDR surgery in St Louis at the hands of Dr Park.

Noah’s journey is a long journey of gradual improvement but in the last year he has gone from strength to strength. Noah is much more comfortable, his sitting has improved immensely and the young boy who couldn’t be left on a bench on his own a year ago can now support himself just fine. The distance Noah can walk in his frame has increased dramatically, and more importantly the quality of Noah’s walking technique blows his previous ability out of the water.

Over the last year Noah will have done approximately in excess of 150 physiotherapy sessions, 25 hydrotherapy sessions, tennis sessions, regular exercise sessions, swimming, cycling, walking (lots) and the normal activity that is everyday living… and now he’s also adding Cerebral Palsy football to his list!

Noah’s hard work has been instrumentally achieved as a result of the amazing team in place around him, who have been outstanding.

“We greatly appreciate the personal interest and investment that they have shown in helping Noah achieve all that he can. Front and centre are Isabel and Mel, Noah’s two private physios whom we would be lost without. Jo, Noah’s 1 to 1 teaching assistant who helps him lead a normal school life and child hood day in day out. Jonty and Darren who have helped expand Noah’s exercise horizon and given him some variety and alternative types of exercise. Mike Poole and his team in Scotland who move Noah forwards every time we visit. Yorke Mead school who continually adapt to support and include Noah. Denise and The Venue leisure centre in Borehamwood who have been fantastic in their support by providing facilities for Noah to do hydrotherapy and Cantillon who are kindly still doing regular fundraising for Noah.

To those that helped, in any and every way they did, to provide Noah this opportunity… Thank you once again. Your support has directly had an immense and profound effect on Noah’s future and we remain forever grateful.

It is without doubt, hands down the best decision we’ve ever made and our appreciation of you all making it possible is resolute.”

Dave and Jeanette (Noah’s parents)

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