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Zofia`s Dream

 Hello everyone my name is Zofia, I am 3 years old. I live in Whiteley near Southampton, in Hampshire. I was born on 01.02.2010 and spent a long time in intensive care. When I was ten months old my parents were told that I had a condition called Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy affects individuals in very different ways, no two people are the same. The effect on me is that my muscles are stiff and tight and cannot easily move. My legs are not strong enough to support me, and as such, I cannot walk or move easily by myself . Although I’m only 3, I have to do physiotherapy at least 6 times a week, which means I can not play with my friends. It also means that my Mum has had to give up work in order to be with me all week.        I also require regular exercise to help my muscles which means I effectively require constant care.The reason for my appeal is, I now have a unique, life-changing opportunity to have an operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy at the St Louis Children's Hospital in America. After the operation, while it will take me some time to learn, it is anticipated that I will be able to walk with my feet firmly on the ground for the first time in my life.The cost for the operation is £50,000 and I am trying to raise funds in order to be able to go. The operation has been scheduled for the middle of August 2013 which means funds and any other help you can offer, are required as soon as possible. My family and friends are doing a lot for me and are having different ideas to raise money. If you can help, be it with a donation or with the offer of help for a fundraising event (a challenge, a marathon, a skydive or anything else!) please get in touch. Please help me to receive the best present ever and help me to walk.Thank you Zofia Tel: 07809457822

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