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Thomas wish to walk

Hello my name is Thomas and I am a 10 year old boy with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Basically my arms and legs were severely affected by spacticity due to a brain injury. In 2010 my mum and dad found a surgery called SDR available in America and performed by Dr T.S Park. After a lot of research and even more fundraising I went to America in September 2012 and had my operation. Since then I have been working really really hard and have even started walking a little in my walker and on my treadmill. I can now sit on a normal chair for small periods, I have learnt to undress myself and my writing and drawing is much neater, best of all I can stand up, all these things are new to me since my operation.I have to do intensive physio and training upto 5 days a week for at least another 3 years to see the full benefit of the surgery. Please help me to walk like my friends. Tom

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