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Mikhail's Mission

My Story

Hello, my name is Mikhail and I am nine years old. I have severe quadraplegia Cerebral Palsy (CP), Global Developmental Delay and cortical vision impairment.    

I am a surviving identical twin and have fought against all odds to survive.  I lost my twin brother, Zakariyah due to acute twin to twin transfusion.  Doctors told my parents "Your child will never smile" and that I will live a very poor quality of life and be in a vegetative state. This has been proven wrong, all praises to God. I strive to battle each day. 

I need 24 hour care and am a wheelchair user. I am unable to sit, roll over, walk, sleep properly, talk and feed myself. My muscles are very tight, that can cause severe pain and discomfort. I  have recently been diagnosed with severe scoliosis and curvature of my spine that now requires surgery. 

My left hip is near and close to dislocation. This could also potentially require surgery. I desperately need therapy to help improve my prognosis. This will mean that I need specialised equipment and therapies not available on the NHS, to protect my body shape from deteriorating further and to avoid surgery on my hip and spine.  

My Mission

I would benefit greatly from some ongoing specialised physiotherapy sessions for postural care and active therapy.  There are also many specialist treatments and equipment that would help me to develop further and allow me to enjoy life to the full. I will need to do a lot of therapy to maintain my range of movement. As I grow it could become harder. Hopefully, if I continue to have treatment it will make my life easier. 

My mum and dad are setting this page up for me, so I can get help with the therapy I really need. They are raising funds for me through the Tree of Hope charity. They would love to provide me with everything that I need, but unfortunately these specialist therapies, treatments and equipment are very costly. 

Examples of treatment that my parents are looking into are a spinal brace that will address my scoliosis  and also to fund-raise for new and innovative equipment and treatments to help treat my deteriorating condition. 

This includes equipment which works at the cellular level using biocom bio resonance therapy. The therapy operates at the biophysical level and uses information from the body's electromagnetic field and form substances to test stresses and for the purpose of administering therapy. For more information please go to website We hope to reach our target and in doing so my mum,dad and my special friends will be trained extensively, on using the equipment to help me and hopefully other children with similar conditions.  

My parents are also exploring neurological rehabilitation in Italy that is led by Russian specialists in neurorehabilitation

For more information please go to website

Please follow the updates for more current information on treatments and how it is all going.If I could talk and express myself, I would love to let you know how hard life has been, and still is. Please help me to succeed and maximise my potential and defy the poor prognosis made for me.  

To follow my story you can go to facebook page -Mikhail's Mission

When the world says "give up" hope whispers, "try it one more time".

Lots of love and prayers, 

Mikhail x

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