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Mel’s Great South Run

I’m raising money for Ethan who is 7 and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was 3 years old. I’ve been inspired by Jake Warsap who is a school friend of Ethan and has been raising money by doing a 3k run and has raised over £1000.

Ethan can walk by himself but is unstable on his feet. This operation will enable him to participate in activities that Jake and other friends all take for granted such as riding our bikes, playing football, running and climbing. Whilst Cerebral Palsy is not a degenerative condition, Ethan’s mobility will deteriorate and become more noticeable in years to come.

Ethan works hard every day to carry out tasks the rest of us find easy to do, but everything he does requires double the amount of effort to the rest of us. Ethan wears a splint on his legs and takes medication three times a day. He has suffered many MRI scans, Lumber Puncture, Serial Casting and Botox on his leg.

Ethan’s family need as much help as possible to enable him to have this operation whilst he his still young enough to have it. They have set up the charity with the aim to raise funds for Ethan’s operation and after care which will amount to the region of £50,000.

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