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Emily's page

Emily is an 11-year girl who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy – spastic diplegia at the age of two after failing to meet development milestones.

 Subsequently, Emily began a series of consultations with doctors, neurologists and surgeons. She endured months of serial casting and rigid splinting of her right leg. On top of that her balance was poor resulting in endless falls causing bruises and sometimes broken bones. Her digestive system was poor and her sleep pattern highly erratic. Her co-ordination and hand movement was also weak.

 In 2007 a few months before Emily’s sixth birthday we discovered Advance. We immediately began learning TST (The Scotson Technique). “The Scotson Technique develops the potential of the uninjured brain by enhancing the respiratory and circulatory systems to deliver oxygen to the body tissues. This is achieved by the gentle manual delivery of breath and pulse-like pressures which copy the effects of breathing on the body tissues and circulatory systems.” “Parents are taught specific exercise techniques which use gentle, rhythmic pressure to strengthen the weak tissue structures of the diaphragm and other respiratory muscles. Gradually applying the pressures to increase the oxygen supplies to the joints of the arms, legs and pelvis also become part of the process.”

 The initial impact was dramatic as Emily’s digestion improved significantly and she began sleeping through the night for the first time.

 In the years that followed TST has become part of our lives and Emily continues to make progress. Her balance and co-ordination has improved, she has fewer falls, she has learned to skip, swim and finally to ride a bike. This was an amazing achievement as she was always leaning strongly to one side.

 Other effects of the treatment we have seen include:

Emily’s stamina has increased, she even ran in a race on sports day.

Her upper body has become much stronger and her gait has improved. Her shoulders are more level when she walks.

Emily has become more flexible at the hips and she now sits comfortably cross legged. She can also balance on a scooter and ride her bike confidently using brakes.

Her mathematical skills have improved and she concentrates for longer at school.

 Today Emily is maturing and wanting more and more to take an equal part of everyday life with her peers. She wishes so much to be able to wear shoes like her friends and ride a horse safely on her own with her friends.

 Although Emily continues to have significant mobility difficulties we are confident that if we keep up TST particularly during Emily’s years of growing, she will have a good chance of continuing to improve her stamina and mobility to help her into adulthood.

 We would love you to sponsor Emily at Advance, but also to help the Advance Centre continue to help improve the lives of many young people with disabilities.


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