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Harry Culwick's Fund Eye Gazing Computer

Hi my name is Harry Culwick im an identical twin my brother is called Luke
we are 6yrs old, my mummy is called Samantha Culwick
& my daddy is called Alistair Culwick.
Iam the most happiest child on Earth nothing in life gets me down
& you will never find any one more determined & Happier than me despite 
all my disabilities! I am profoundly deaf & have cerebral palsy 
but I have an amazing sense of humour & never stop laughing!! 
Those of you that know me ,will know about Harrys fund.
Me and my family are raising funds for me, to pay for ABR treatment it's a type of physio, ABR is from Belgium & the physio's fly over to Scotland 3times a year to treat me & to show Mummy & daddy the new techniques to treat Me at home, they have to do 2& 1/2 hours every day. We started my treatment in November 2013 & we are seeing big changes in me already!! Once we go back in March we will be able to post the picture of me with the before & after picture's which you will be able to see the difference for your selfs. We will need to raise £2,200 by the middle of March for Me to continue with my amazing treatment, we need to raise £5,300 a year until Nov 2015. last years fund raising events we managed to raise £2,200 for my 1st treatment to commence last Nov just after my 6th Birthday!!! with all your love and kindness helped raised the money, All i need is for you to take part in any upcoming charity events that are taking place,
& if u would invite people to like my page not just for me but to make people 
aware of my didabilities but that many other children are living with
. I will add pictures to my page and will keep everyone informed about any
charity events and my progress, im not sure if many of you watched Children In Need but me and my mummy was on there with the faboulous Tanya Branning (Jo Joyner)you can type in Jo Joyner children in Need in you tube & our amazing 4 minute appeal with steps will come up!! ( it might make you cry) if you want to know any more about me feel free to ask and i will answer any of your questions x
( well my mummy or daddy will :D) thanks for reading & your support!!!! Xxxx

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