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Freddie’s Story – 5 operations and 20 doctors

Freddy Gwilliam02

Freddie who lives in Ellesmere Port was born on the 1st June 2010. A few hours after he entered the world he was taken to the special care baby unit and we were told the devastating news that they suspected he had a syndrome although they weren’t sure exactly what type of syndrome it was.

Over the past 2 years Freddie’s list of health issues has grown considerably –
Myoclonic epilepsy
Sleep apnoea
Metopic suture
Small airways
High arched palette
Atrial heart defect
Milk protein allergy
Narrow pelvic bones
Curved thigh bones
Food aversion
Gastrostomy tube fed
Clenched toes
Curved index fingers
Adducted thumbs
Inturned eye
Low set ears
Inguinal hernia
Sparse hair growth
Severe global developmental delays

Freddie has had 5 operations and has around 20 different doctors and therapists and has to take 9 doses of medication a day. He has severe global developmental delay so is unable to walk or talk. The doctors still don’t know what type of syndrome Freddie has so we have no idea what the future holds for Freddie. We don’t know if his life expectancy will be shorter, if he will learn to walk and talk or if he will ever live an independent life.

We just really want Freddie to be able to live a normal, happy life like any little boy should. But unfortunately having a child like Freddie can cost a lot of money. We aren’t able to go down our local shops and buy toys for Freddie as they have to be bought from specialist shops and come with a very big price tag. So we are hoping to fundraise for the Tree of Hope to help buy Freddie some of the equipment he so very much deserves. Initially he really needs his first trike. We can’t get Freddie a regular bike as they don’t cater for his needs so it has to be custom made.

We would also like to get Freddie some sensory equipment. Freddie loves different lights and sounds and he finds sensory environments very relaxing.

Despite everything Freddie has been through is always incredibly happy. He really does lighten up our lives and we appreciate any help you can give.


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