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Everest Trek

A month ago, two friends Mark and Terry were discussing how they could do more for Brooke and her fundraiser. Up until then both had donated and supported events Brooke’s Family had arranged. After serious consideration they viewed the idea of a sponsored walk across the country, but looking at the logistics and impact it did not seem enough. Again they looked at options 3 Peaks, 12 Peaks and then came across BaseCamp Mount Everest, which both agreed it had the impact and the
difficultly factor to be noticed. After a long discussion with Sarah ‘Brooke’s Mum’ and the Tree of Hope it was agreed that #TeamBrooke would be formed and complete this trek.

Firstly we built our own website – and then set up a Twitter account @Climb4Brooke and facebook page ‘Assisted by Tree of Hope’ and finally the official JustGiving Page for donations.

Then the work started…

Within a day the current team were contacted by other members of Twitter about involvement to the team and supporting the cause. They were explained the trek and that all the money raised was to go to the Tree of Hope and BrookesWishToWalk and all expenses to complete the trek would have to come from their own pocket or help find support for sponsorship. Amy and Sam both jumped at the chance to help Brooke and #TeamBrooke was now a 4 piece and this was promoted on twitter, facebook and webpages.

It was within a few days of tweeting, facebook and emails and calls, we were contacted by Sarah ‘Brookes Mum’ asking us to contact Bobbie Goulding. Mark called Bobbie and after a good chat Bobbie and Mark could announce that Bobbie had joined as the 5th Member of #TeamBrooke. Bobbie Goulding’s inclusion has help boost the team motivation and public awareness as Bobbie was an Ex International GB Rugby League Legend and a celeb in his own right.

So there it was; 2 friends and 3 new friends from twitter all coming together for the cause to help Brookes Wish To Walk and support the Tree of Hope. If it had not been for twitter these band of
strangers would have never met and there would be no TeamBrooke.

Each member lives in a different part of the UK but regularly contacts each other to update, discuss and work the next step. They are all training either together or their own and they have already set together a Training Trek Area in Lake District for future training as well as down south. Each member is giving their time and money to make this happen and raise the £100,000 for the cause.

This trek will be in March 2013, and I and the team will be raising funds for the Tree of Hope, specifically for a young girl named Brooke:
Brooke has spastical cerebral palsy, is wheelchair bound, and suffers pain on a daily basis. There is however an operation she can have to enable her to walk. This is not currently offered on our NHS, and there is currently only one hospital in the UK which offers this operation, which is Bristol. Unfortunately her application for this operation was declined, but she has however been accepted to have the operation performed in the US.

This operation is £40,000.00. However with all the remedial therapy she will need after the operation, her target is £70,000.00. Our team doing the trip are hoping to raise £100,000.00 to support the Tree of Hope that supports Brooke and other children in need of help.

All the money raised in the Just Giving page goes directly to the Tree of Hope and we have no access to this. The actual expenses of the Trek for each team member are coming from their own pockets and with any support and help from companies or persons who wish to contribute.

I can assure you that even though our team may seem small, we are having much success at advertising this trek. We have the ex-England Rugby League player Bobbie Goulding on our team, and we have features in local newspapers such as the Ipswich news, and soon Surrey Advertiser
and more in all our local areas. We have confirmed upcoming radio interviews with the metro radio station which will then also be advertised on CFM covering the whole of Cumbria, and we have thousands of people supporting and advertising through twitter @climb4brooke and Facebook – climbing Everest 4 Brooke as well.

We would very much appreciate your consideration to support. You can email the main email address at
Should you require further information regarding the charity, please
visit the following websites.

I thank you so much for taking the time to read this and hopefully this can be forwarded to the area or person/s who would be able to make a decision in whether you can help our cause.

Thank you again


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