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Ellis`s page

This justgiving page is for our son Ellis who is 2yrs old and has cerebral palsy of the diplegia type, meaning it only effects the legs.Making them stiff and painful. Ellis currently walks with a k-walker but in time will mainly be wheelchair bound, UNLESS YOU CAN HELP??!!! Ellis has a chance for an amazing operation in America St Louis, Missouri, called selective dorsal rhizotomy, if we can raise £38,000 by January 2012 he will get the chance to walk pain free and unaided. We started fundraising 6 weeks ago and have so far raised £7,438.70 of our £45,000 target. Organising fundays, raffles, sponserd walks, charity shoots and much more!! Ellis is a bright, determind and loving little boy and deserves the chance to walk like millions of other children, so please dig deep and help us make this happen. :} thankyou Tara and Craig xx 

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