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Dear Tree of Hope

I felt the need to send you an email just to say what The Tree of Hope charity is doing to help UK families raise the much needed funds for the SDR operation is amazing.

When we set out on our journey for Ben back in 2009/2010 there were very few charities willing to help and it was a struggle to get help from big companies.

Every child who is accepted for this amazing surgery really should have it. Ben had his surgery in Jan 11 by Dr Park and it really has not only changed his life but all of our lives.

We were so lucky with our fund raising – raising way over our target enabling us to pay for all the extra physio and everything else Ben needs.

From one SDR family can I just thank you for what you are doing. It’s amazing to know you are helping so many families like ours achieve the goal of independence for their child.

Thank you

Charlotte Smithson

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